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Written testimonials from Seminar Graduates and their fields of work

Testimonial from Dianne Burns - writer, who traveled from Australia to San Francisco to attend Action/Cut:

"I experienced magic when I attended the Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminar hosted by Guy Magar. So easily could this have been a passed opportunity given the stresses of daily life. Even more so considering I live in Australia...yet, here I was in downtown SanFran 22 hours from home. The next day I rocked up to the Action/Cut Seminar and realized shortly into the course that it was now time to live my life and dreams, and this trip and seminar was the catalyst.

Guy Magar was inspiring and overflowing with a love for all aspects of filmmaking. It’s so informative that it is for all people interested in the industry including writers, directors, producers and actors. The information Guy possesses is astounding and based on real world experience, with Guy being one of the few industry directors who is working in both feature films and TV. The course covers all areas from preparation, storytelling, acting craft, budgets, use of various scene example studies, and there are many services and benefits to graduates. For anyone who loves film, whether involved in the industry, wants to be or not, this course is a must. Check your egos at the door and be open to learn and experience, and be inspired...and you could find your life changing, just as I have. 
From having never seen a film script, I’m now writing my own!"

"The live seminar, without question, has been the most informative 2 days of my life...and I absolutely had to have the DVD set for reference on future projects. I know this is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. If I only knew before shooting my feature what I know now...I would have not only saved thousands of dollars, but would have saved myself hours of absolutely unneeded stress."
Mark Grant - Writer/Producer (MA)

“Better than four years of film school...and I went to NYU!”
Brad Jacques
"The best 2-day crash course on Directing in Hollywood!”
Rich Migliozzi

“The best, most intensive seminar of any that I have ever taken!”
Maralyn Polak 

“A great, passionate teacher...inspires and keeps the dream alive!"
Sean McNamara
“Dynamite...words come alive!  Superb...couldn't have been better!"
Helen Kiefer
“Learned more in 2-days than I could possibly imagine!"
Carol McCarthy
“Exactly what I was looking for as a writer...invaluable insight!”
Janelle Keberle

“ don't charge enough!  Very valuable!"
Sara Dinoto
Production Asst.

“Guy is an excellent learn from a working director blew my mind!"
Victoria Bioy
Film Student
“Watching written words become magic on the screen... absolutely great!"
Stephen Winter
“What I needed to get the insight to hone my writing and make it come alive!"
Walter Maksym
“An extraordinary 2-days... shows the whole inspiration forever!"
David Schulta
High School Student

“No other course lets you inside the Director’s head and teaches you how to problem solve...a real eye opener!"
Kate Robbins,

“Finishing a film MFA at Columbia, it's refreshing to learn from a real  director... wisdom from the trenches."
Gary Prusaitis
“I’ve been to several directing workshops and seminars...Guy Magar’s was the most useful of any...great.”
Laurel Daniels
“Inspiring and  being in a race car, sky rocketing down the roadway of directorial freedom.”
Ron Strobel
“Extremely informative.  Guy Magar is very cool, down-to-earth, and passionate!”
Silvio Lelli
“Very well bullshit...all passion...makes me want it  more!”
Cyndi Butz
TV Production
“Excellent seminar...going from script to planning to dailies 
to final film.”
Jim Shea, Writer 
Scriptwriters Network
 "Excellent course...very useful, concrete and meaningful explanations of the director’s job.”
David Bassuk
Film Professor
“Excellent seminar...the real deal, baby!”
Gaura Taneja 

“Links words on paper to magic on the screen.”
Terry Holdredge

“Definitely was money well-spent ...excellent!”
Bruce Cache-Negrete
Manager Consultant

“Inspirational!  For all people who love film!”
Connie Bottinelli

“A great class... highly recommend it to anyone considering directing, or screenwriting, or acting...intensive.”
Kasia Foster, Actress
 Women In Film
“I learned more about how to tell a story & create a visual scene than all the screenwriting books I've read!" 
Karen Sandler
“Randall Wallace was a great Guest Speaker...this seminar is very good and helpful on a lot of levels.”
Beverly Graf 
Creative Exec. 
“Incredible...I’ve learned more in 2 days than in years of observing and shooting!”
Jay Williams 
“Learned techniques of seminar I've been to this decade!"
Steve Wilburn
“Absolutely incredible!  
Learned so much...took 35 pages of notes!"
Eric Doyle
“Excellent demonstrations of solutions for a director.”
Diane Cornell
“Overall, this was the best class or seminar I have ever taken!”
Randy Barth
Film Lover
“Guy is a great teacher; his “pearls of wisdom” made for excellent tips for my projects...very useful and inspiring.”
Kathleen Ruzsa Director/Producer
"Great...a wide range of information for people with different levels of experience ...very thorough and concise."
Mark Traverso Producer/Director

“Magar is the man! 
Focus wasn't on theory but on experience, hard facts, and high hopes...rejuvinated me."
Ken O'Young

“Real nuts & bolts...learned writing and acting from a director’s perspective...Frank Lupo was a great speaker!”
Sam Anderson 
“This seminar is extremely beneficial on all levels...truly enjoyed Mr. Magar’s wit, thoroughness, and availability.”
Cyndi Marinangel
“Very exciting...I am so inspired and moved into action! Yesterday, I thought do I really want to direct?
Today, I know 
I must!”
Liz Gaylynn Baker Director/Writer

“Extremely well organized, thoughtful, and motivating...I recommend this to anyone serious about the business!”
Jere Burns

“I have taken other directing and producing seminars and college filmmaking courses...I learned the most from this seminar.”
Carl Kazinetz
Film Student
“I'm used to high-winded academics and theories...thankfully this seminar was pratical and all about real filmmaking."
Mark Pironti
Film Student
“A great class...not just for directors but for actors, writers, and anyone interested in the movie industry."
Scott Anderson 
Writer/Harvard Writers
“I liked the honesty of the seminar the most. Very focused...a great learning experience with a 
professional director."
Steve Sepulveda
“Very informative, great help...and being able to network and make contacts at the seminar was great."
Nathaniel Stone
“ couldn't have been more intense or information-packed and still fit in 2 days."
Tom Elliott
Talent Agent
“It revealed to me a lot that textbooks and all the classes did I am dying to direct!"
Nosa Atekha
“I gained the experience of watching the process "over the shoulder" of the director."
Tony Lockwood
Never a lull...Guy enthused, inspired, and BS!"
Norma Tell
“How to put it together from page to final cut... and with great guest speakers like Randall Wallace.”
Hugh Joseph
“"Highly recommend it... most amazing experience...
I learned so much in a couple of days!"
Julie Link
“Exceptional...if you want to write, act, or direct, you should take this seminar...a true learning experience.”
Doug Nielsen
“A remarkable seminar...I learned a tremendous amount about the craft of directing...invaluable!”
Christopher Fessenden
“An extraordinary weekend of great information and how the business works."
Walter Jakubowski
“Great overall education...and how to deal with actors and make a director reel." 
Cher Hendricks
Production VP
“An excellent seminar...and I traveled from Cleveland to Chicago to attend."
Lance Mason
“I really got into being able to “see behind the curtain” into how a pro director works.”
Ron Dempsey
Assistant Director
“A great weekend experience...from page  to dailies  to final film was a great lesson in directing.”
Karen Kearns
Film Professor
“I feel inspired to pursue a project that has been on  my mind for a 
long time...I feel that now I can do it!”
Frank Ferrante
“Excellent...shows how the movie puzzle comes together... would highly recommend it to anyone."
Charissa Gracyk

“This really got me motivated...a wonderful experience...great info that will only improve my writing.”
Barbara Clark

“This is a no-nonsense seminar that covers the nuts and bolts of directing...I highly recommend it!
Bill Haley 
“Liked walking through the visualization process off a written script...I’m going to re-register and bring friends!”
James Parris
Storyboard Artist
“Ready to rock...leaves you feeling wealthy of craft whether you’re a director, DP, actor, writer, or producer.”
Nicolas Blanchard 
“Love the class...learning to look at a script through the director’s eyes...Guy is a terrific teacher.”
Linda Cordeiro
“Really appreciated this seminar...I’m young and it’s hard to find anybody that’ll give me serious insight...thanks, Guy!”
Thomas Wood
Film Student

“A truly in-depth insight of real professional directing in a volatile industry...very BS!"
Kyle Cassie

“Great seminar with a working director...I have greater understanding of how to visualize 
a scene now.”
David Dougherty
Camera Operator
“I am leaving with renewed passion and inspiration.  I will definitely 
recommend this to colleagues!”
Kacy Palmieri
Associate Producer

“Guy is a great teacher...he made me feel that I could direct too.”
Jill Garson

“A great experience for anyone aspiring to make movies.”
Edam McCain
Film Student
“Gave me more insight 
into what directors look for.”
Michael Long
2nd-Unit Director
“Awesome 2-days seeing real scenes 
come together!”
Lauren Snowden
Film Student
“Covered every aspect of will help my writing.”
Adrienne Foran
“Guy’s knowledge of the whole industry was a great overview."
Don Vitello
TV Director
"I’ve taken writing courses...
I took this to get to the next step.”
Joe Lacavera III 
...glad I juggled to get here!”
Ella Hubbard
Legal Secretary
"Exactly what a passionate film student needs for hope.”
Carolina Rosas
Film Student
“Guy’s use of video examples really made the subject come alive."
Kathy Wosnak
“Helped understand a lot what you just don't learn in film school."
Mariana Dumovic
“One of the very best seminars I have 
ever attended...BRAVO!”
William E. Lewis

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